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The Pajottenland

The Pajottenland most definitely owes its fame to Pieter Brueghel. This Flemish Renaissance painter chose the picturesque landscape of this region as a setting for a lot of his famous pictures.

Today, the Toscany of the North is especially known for its peculiar tart beers that can only be brewed in the valley of the Zenne. In this valley the presence of a wild yeast, native to this region, makes it possible to start a natural and spontaneous fermentation. The result is the most renowned lambic beer, the base for gueuze and kriek, two excellent and distinct beers that you should certainly taste when visiting this area.  

Het Pajottenland has a lot to offer if you like walking and cycling. Although this region is very close to Brussels, it is much  appreciated for its tranquility and calm. A lot of walking trails and cycling tours cover the land. Here you can escape the hussle and bussle and discover plenty of beautiful spots. You can even enjoy some bird watching ! It’s also a region of culinary indulgence and historical sites. So there is a superb range of activities to cater for all tastes.

B&B Elingenhof is situated at the edge of a small rural village, called Elingen. It’s part of Pepingen, a municipality that belongs to the present province of Vlaams-Brabant. This is the Flemish part of the former influential Duchy of Brabant, a historical region that was located inside the boudaries of the Burgundian Netherlands. Today we are only 15 km away from Brussels and 6 km from the small town of Halle, a site of pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary.

As a result,  B&B Elingen is the perfect base to explore this interesting region. Our square farm, which is a typical architectural design in these parts of the Low Countries, will help you to  relax and plan all your upcoming adventures.

Some interesting sites


Walks ‘Route You’, a website that maps out different walking trails:

  1. Groene gordel: een beetje vakantie
  2. Buitengewoon Pepingen
  3. Mooiste van Pajottenland – Elingen – Pepingen
  4. Koornmolenwandeling (10km)
  5. Marivoetwandeling (9km)

Sites that maps out different bike and mountain bike trails:

De fietsknooppunten 11 en 12 liggen in de buurt van het Elingenhof.

If you desire more information, don’t hesitate to ask your hosts! They’re happy to help.